Inverters are used to control the speed of the compressor motor to regulate
temperatures. The correct installation of this allows for the perfect cooling & heating output. Baker Air pays special attention to the installation of these units to ensure consistent airflow.


Non-inverter installations control the compressor as and when needed by simply being switched on and off rather than allowing it to run at full power constantly.


Are generally the most economical air-conditioning unit& are perfect for bedrooms & smaller office spaces. Baker Air can advise on the best mid-wall units for the space you are looking at, as well as if there is an alternative & better option for optimal use in a
specific room.


These units are mounted or suspended when space is limited, whether this is due to the construction of walls that make up the property or there is no space within ceilings for a ducted system. There are a number of variants of cassette units to install to ensure it fits within the design of a space.


The perfect choice for a room or space dedicated to premium aesthetics or a high-end look & feel. These units are discretely placed in the ceiling to ensure little visibility, but high impact airflow throughout the space..


Are typically installed in the windows or homes of offices & contain all the necessary components for easy air-flow in a single unit.


Ntokozo Mabuseia

The Fund would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Baker Air for the great professional service always given to the fund. You always send reminder emails for when the air cons are due for a service. Keep up the good work.

Lorraine Manning
L Properties Principal

A big thank you to the Baker Air-conditioning team that fixed my AC units in the office. The service was professional, ethical and quick. The team cleaned up after them selves and gave their expertise on what was needed for the units. Will definitely recommend you to anyone needing AC help.

Some of the clients we keep cool with

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